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How multilane stick packaging machines adapt to the diversification of commodities
2018-11-28 15:13:57

Multilane stick packaging machine has advanced performance, high strength, low noise, compact structure, stable operation, convenient maintenance, long service life, and various automatic alarm shutdown functions, from vertical sealing, slitting, horizontal sealing, filling and loading. Batch number, cut and tear, cut line, cross cut, until the finished bag output can be completed in one time, the degree of automation is high. Secondly, the drum is heat-sealed, four-side sealed, and high-speed multi-bag packaging, and the bag shape is flat and exquisite, and the packaging efficiency is high. The adjustment is quick and convenient, and the length of the bag can be adjusted steplessly without changing the mold, and the actuators such as vertical seal, horizontal seal, filling, batch number, cross-line, cross-cut can be adjusted through the man-machine interface. The filling metering is accurate, and the swinging feeding tube is equipped with a triangular adjustable measuring cup feeding mechanism, so that each column can be independently adjusted and metered.

For materials with poor fluidity, the lifting vibration cutting device can be equipped with PLC automatic control, variable frequency stepless speed regulation, all actuators are driven by servo motor, running smoothly and synchronous positioning is very accurate. The photoelectric tracking system ensures the automatic matching of the double-sided pattern of the package and has an automatic counting function. It has strong adaptability to the packaging material, and the heat sealing roller has high-precision automatic temperature control function, which can adapt to many advantages such as various packaging film produced at home and abroad.

multilane stick packaging machine

As the variety of packaged goods intensifies, the type of packaging should also be greatly adjusted, and the flexibility and flexibility of the packaging machine must be improved. Flexibility in packaging: The packaging machine can pack both individual and large-volume products; the flexibility of the packaging machine itself: the packaging machine uses advanced unit combination technology, which can be selected according to the packaged product. Unit combination; flexibility for delivery: Due to the combination of units, the units can be combined for delivery.

Intelligent packaging can be said to be the future of the development of the packaging industry. It is necessary to properly spread the smart packaging in place and better develop the profit margin, which is beneficial to the development of our packaging industry. In addition, food packaging machinery should also actively transform. Development, from industrialization to informationization, to better focus on new developments and new trends in science and technology, thereby increasing the intensity of industry development.

The era of mechanization is already a past tense. Automation is what the major machinery manufacturers are following. The granule packaging machine manufacturers should unswervingly follow the path of automation and push the products to a higher level. Only by continuous innovation of technology can we continue to develop forward. Since the listing of the granule packaging machine, it has been continuously innovating, only to seek a better development path. Now the development of granule packing machine has gradually entered the new technology. The field is the development of automation.

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