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Existing problems and development ideas of multilane stick packaging machines
2018-11-28 14:48:43

The multilane stick packaging machine is in the form of side seals, which can automatically complete the processes of measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, printing production date, cutting and tearing, etc.; suitable for packaging medicine, food, agriculture, daily chemical industry, etc. Loose, non-adhesive powdery granular material. Such as: curry powder, chicken essence, soup, washing powder, pellets, sugar, cereal, seeds, cold granules, desiccant, additives, activated carbon, bamboo charcoal, spices, flavors, pesticides, herbicides, dyes, catalysts, additives, organic Raw materials, inorganic raw materials, etc.

China's multi-line packaging machinery industry has been repeating at a low level, and there are many disorderly competitions. There is no fundamental change at present. In addition to corrugated box machinery and small packaging machinery, China's packaging machinery has certain advantages, and other systems are not systematic and scale. Liquid filling production lines, beverage packaging container complete sets, aseptic packaging production lines, cigarette production lines, etc. are almost monopolized by several large foreign companies.

multilane stick packaging machine

The existing Chinese packaging machinery has low technical content, and there are not many applications such as remote control, on-site monitoring, servo technology, automatic flexible compensation, laser technology, and digital information technology. The introduction of foreign packaging machinery, the introduction of advanced technology, lack of organized and conscious digestion research. Chinese enterprises' research and development expenses only account for less than 1% of total sales. There is no long-term technical reserve, and there are few independent advanced technologies.

The so-called thinking determines the way out, that is, because many companies enter the multi-line packaging machine industry, the motivation is to focus on the lucrative market profits. Therefore, in terms of development, we will try our best to compete and develop benefits in the process of development. In the first place, so did not form their own brand, in such a development environment, many companies have entered the low period of development, but also greatly affected the development of the entire industry.

Therefore, according to the current situation, especially the development of multilane stick packaging machine enterprises is to change the development of the problem, to have a new understanding and understanding of the industry, to be able to do a good job of their own development, single-minded for the market Development to make its own contribution, to make its own brand form a certain influence, naturally ushered in development, find their own way in both technology and quality, the only way, enterprises can go more stable and farther.

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